About Us

Tengen is a  creative writing and arts magazine based in London. Since its early beginnings, created by University College London students in December 2009, Tengen has been dedicated to providing a platform for London’s most contemporary poetry, short stories and prose, presenting them alongside reviews and articles on some of the country’s best writers, shows and events.

The magazine’s dedication to promoting new and interesting work has not changed. What has changed is the breadth of our outreach – with each issue we invite and encourage submissions not only from a range of universities and colleges around London, but from outside of London as well. Not only that, we continue to broaden the variety of work that will go to print, with the visual arts section of Tengen receiving much more attention and development.

The magazine is always looking for new ideas and insights. If you would like to contribute to any area of the magazine – editorial, design, marketing – or if you have any suggestions please contact us at tengenmagazine@gmail.com.

We would be delighted to hear from you!

Editor: Francis Gene-Rowe (blog)

Deputy Editor: Khalid Tetuani (blog)

Arts Features & Design Editor: Sing Yun Lee

Contributing Editor & Media Officer: Enrico Tassi